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    Psychology, dreams, reflexes (1 part).
Survey of hypotheses, theories, ideas in psychology. In particular, emotions and motives are considered as further complication of the conditioned reflexes. Mental shielding mechanisms: displacement, displacement, transfer, projection, sublimation - are the stages of united process.

    Psychology, dreams, reflexes (2 part).
In the second part of the article psychological regularities are examined based on the examples: the phenomenon of attractiveness and beauty, the perception of color, sexual orientation, inclination, etc.

    Light and simple diet for growing thin - Meat to supper plus the infusion of herbs. Unrestricting ration and the feed mode.

This diet for those desiring to lose weight and for the general sanitation. At the basis of diet lies the observation, that the meat food is not only the stimulator of the exchange of substances and physical activity, but also it is the strongest factor of an increase in the appetite. But appetite for the time of twenty-four hours to be lowered, if meat dishes in combination with other products are used only in the evening, after supper.
To facilitate passage to the new feed mode is possible, using the infusion of herbs. It follows to be warned and not to misuse by the nastic movements of those herbs, whose acting substances produce diuretic or purgative effects.   >>>

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    Tropical cyclones, tornado (mechanism of origin, the reason for stability).
Article about nature of atmospheric elements. In particular, is examined the process of the condensation of the supercooled water vapor, which can cause sharp lowering in the pressure, squally winds and vortices. Probably, the resultant funnel of vortex untwists by the accelerated air flow, which envelope turbulent "protrusions".

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