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Psychology of mode

Based on the example of mode the psychological mechanism of inversion especially is outlined well (transformation of negative emotions into the positive). I.e., the cause-effect connection dangerous, injury and attractive, beautiful (see: Attractiveness, the phenomenon of beauty.). For example, the desire to make tattooing, piercing, to dress the shocking clothing, at its basis it has obviously unpleasant emotions: either as the result of the punctures, injury (it is possible projection), or as a result of the hostility to those, who exceeded the certain "reasonable" threshold (in the same piercing). The avoidance of excessive stimuli in favor of the stimuli of mean power occurs. I.e., the desire to have entire the same, only in smaller quantities. By tendency toward the eccentricity, strictly, and is made up the industry of mode.

This and artificial gray hair (grey strands, highlighting), and the dyeing of hair in the unnatural color - blue, pink, violet, lilac, that symbolize the increased emotional activity.

The mental processes, which lie at the basis of the attractiveness of piercing can be several versions.
   1 version. Man fears punctures, cuts (this is natural); fear displaces by the sharp objects. Hostility causes the exterior view of these alien (sharp) objects.
   2 version. Man in his environment sees people, which made piercing,; the fear of punctures and cuts displaces further, already on them (in the form of hostility to these people).
   3 version. Men in the narrow to circle to revolve among the people, which made piercing; the desire to draw together with these people, to cause sympathy (motivation) in them switches on the mechanism of the inversion: now piercing (and people its made) seems attractive. Appeared the desire to make piercing to itself also.
   4 version. Man so is fascinated by piercing which enlarges its contacts: for example, it enters into the get-together or enters into the club of the amateurs of the piercing (motivation it is strengthened, it is prevailed).
   5 version. That absorbed by the piercing of men falls into the medium, in which is not greeted the piercing (school, university); motivation is sublimated, for example, into the passion to the collectivization of the objects, which refer to piercing (ringlets, link, etc.), without their carrying.
   These versions can reflect relation to persingu in different people, i.e., to some version for the concrete person and limit. But the same versions - also the stages of the possible development of process in one person, including all version-stages (see: Displacement, inversion, sublimation - stages of process.).

Based on materials of Vladimir Ivanov's article
"Psychology, dreams, reflexes" - 1 part,  2 part.

Russian version

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