Diet "Meat supper" (meat only to supper plus infusion of herbs).

To someone can approach this very simple and easy diet for those desiring to lose weight and for the general sanitation. At the basis of diet lies the observation, that the meat food is not only the stimulator of the exchange of substances and physical activity, but also it is the strongest factor of an increase in the appetite.

At the same time, meat protein is very valuable product. Therefore it to completely exclude from its ration, i.e., to pass to another level of energy exchange (to become vegetariantsem), for each to be decided. But also in this case it is possible to find the solution.

Appetite for a period of twenty-four hours to be lowered, if meat dishes in combination with other products are used only in the evening, after supper. Then forthcoming leisure and sleep neutralize the action of the chemical constituents, stimulating appetite, which are contained in the meat.

Exemplary menu of diet "Meat supper":

Porridge with milk or butter (or sandwiches with the grain bread without the addition of butcher shop). Cheese or nuts. Tea or coffee with the sugar.

    Second breakfast:
Fresh fruits or fruit tea (compote, tea with the jam) with the loaves.

Vegetable or groats soup. Boiled potatoes (baked vegetables) with vegetable oil. Grain rye- wheaten bread. Lettuce from the damp vegetables (on the season) with vegetable oil. Cottage cheese or boiled egg. To the dessert fruits or berry (acid with the sugar). Mineral or simple water.
Note: A quantity of dishes to the dinner can be reduced (to the selection).

Tea or coffee with the loaves.
Note: Poldnik is possible with the condition of late supper.

Meat products are included and it is balanced in composition, i.e., it contains proteins fats and carbohydrates.
Note: Meat dishes can be replaced with fish; with the tendency toward the vegetarianism somewhat once a week it is possible to arrange completely vegetarian days.

This feed mode - without meat breakfast and dinner (excluding during the day; also, meat bouillon and different fats of meat origin) - subsequently it is possible to stick to constantly.

There must not be the sensation of limiting diet. In the essence these are therapeutic diet, but one of the versions of normal nourishment, to which it is easy to become accustomed.

The daily selection of products (ration) in the beginning of diet remains before and if it changes, then gradually, according to the universally recognized recommendations (if in this there is a need).

It is desirable to balance all consumption of food in composition. For example, the simple carbohydrates (sugar, starch) must be compulsorily combined with the proteins, fats or plant cellulose (food fibers). The latter impede over-boiling, they do not cause the "jumps" of sugar in the blood. To this rule correspond the majority of the natural products: damp and boiled vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, etc.

The portion of the meat and other products after supper is selected individually as the time of supper. But early supper (to 7 it is hour evening) is more preferable than late. However, should be considered and individual biorhythms, habits.

In its books: "Anew to be borne with the aid of bioproducts" and "Vitamin - healers", Klaus Oberbayl' recommends protein supper (or the eating of the piece of meat before the sleep) for two reasons.

1. So that the deposit of fat into the adipose tissue at night would not occur. This can occur as a result of acting the hormone of insulin after the consumption of carbohydrate food on the night. Simultaneously insulin suppresses the action of the hormone of increase, mobilizuyushchego fat from the adipose tissue (which contributes to grow thin).

2. So that would not appear the night hypoglycaemia, which provokes night gluttony. The so-called "jumps" of sugar in the blood as a result of acting the hormone of insulin, which also appear after the consumption of carbohydrate food on the night.

One should consider that the meat protein in contrast to the plant, milk and egg whites is not only without carbohydrate product, but even and by the stimulator, which increases exchange of substances and appetite. Consequently, meat protein supper must be balanced also in the content of carbohydrates and fatty in order to soften the undesirable stimulating effects. I.e., supper must contain proteins fats and carbohydrates in the usual proportion (takeing into account specific features, habit in the nourishment).

To facilitate passage to the new feed mode is possible, using the infusion of herbs. Herbs by themselves reduce appetite, but also they calm, they normalize sleep. To use infusion of herbs is possible of days 10 (1 - 2 weeks). If necessary the course of herb therapy is repeated the month through two or three or in the periods of disruptions (gluttony). Herbs and their dosage it is possible to select individually or to use finished herby collections (predominantly damping and general action). Can approach usual herby tea with the pleasant aroma and the taste on the basis of local herbs. Some diets, which use infusion of herbs, can serve as orienting. For example, in doctor Saykov's diet is given the following formula: "To brew in the morning on entire day: Herba Hyperici, camomile and calendula (on 1 small packet of each herb on 200 ml of boiling water). Before each consumption of food it is necessary to drink 50 grams of this infusion ".

It follows to be warned and not to misuse by the nastic movements of those herbs, whose acting substances cause diuretic (fruits of juniper, leaves of bearberry, mountain cranberry, herb of horsetail of field, flowers of cornflower dark blue, birch kidneys and other) or purgative (leaves of blackberries, senna, flowers of camomile, sea kale, crust of buckthorn and others) effects, since reduction in the weight in this case occurs due to the loss of water by cloths and has short term nature. First of all from the herbs is expected the damping (sedative), soporific action and effect reduction in the appetite (for example, the flowers of kalenduly and camomile cause including sedative action).

Instead of the infusion of herbs or simultaneously with the infusion it is possible to try to use the freshly prepared vegetable juices, one-piece or diluted by water, into which for an improvement in the taste it is possible to add lemon juice or the brine of sauerkraut.

In the majority of known diets the butcher shop is recommended to use in the second-half of day, but in them, as a rule, it is limited composition or a quantity of other products. There are the diets, in which the butcher shop is recommended predominantly after supper or only after supper (also predominantly low-calorie). To the latter can be attributed limiting "Hollywood's diet", limiting diets from the book Lees Erl "As to lose excess kilograms forever": "Plan "F" (diet, rich in cellulose), "Scarsdale's diet", "Diet with substitutes of the products" and other.

This diet "Meat supper" is not limiting (faster, the light duty of nourishment), is intended for the prolonged application, are considered individual habits and preferences that it is the additional guarantee of its balance.

Author: Ivanov Vladimir Alexandrovich
Source: psy.tom.ru
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